Endless possibilities at your fingertips. Shoppsy is equipped with features that will help grow your business.


Custom Design

Choose from customizable themes or request a completely custom design for your online store.

Responsive Website

Visible on all major browsers, and all existing screen sizes.

Custom CMS

Publish content on a set schedule and personalize your CMS with custom colors, pictures, blog etc.

Cart Customisation

Choose between a one-page or a two-page checkout, and fully customize the cart to your liking.


Order Tracking

Shoppsy is fully integrated with courier services, making it easy to estimate shipping costs.

Real Time Shipping

Visible on all major browsers, and all existing screen sizes.

Customer Groups

Automatic grouping of clients according to defined rules, and easy product search.

Multi Store

Are you a large company that owns multiple brands? With Shoppsy you can manage multiple brands and legal entities all under one domain. Take care of all business processes included in an online business.

Multi Shop

Manage all storefronts in one place and take advantage of stock control and inventory capabilities.

Pre Orders

Manage all storefronts in one place and take advantage of stock control and inventory capabilities.

Cross-sell / Up-sell

Maximize revenue and customer value with cross- sell/up-sell capabilities.

Product Categories

Unlimited category nesting coupled with quick and easy search through those categories.

Inventory Management

Manage all your inventory in one place, regardless of store size or number.

Ticketing System

Report bugs, or issues through the platform and our team of developers will take care of it. Your user experience is our priority.


Shoppsy supports international brands by providing features that allow their stores to run smoothly in any country. One of those features is our multi-language feature.


To complete our list of features supporting international brands, Shoppsy also offers a multi-currency function that automatically converts your prices into any currency you need.


Do you have an online store that operates in multiple countries? No problem, we are here for you. We have a multi-country feature that allows you to manage all of your stores in one place.


Rating & Reviews

Hear what your customers have to say and solve your pain points. Furthermore, suggest top products through mailing lists.

Persistant Cart

Never give up on a sale, and keep introducing new offers to your customers with the help of cookies.

Stored Credit Cards

Make shopping more convenient for your customers by offering a feature that allows them to store their payment methods.

Product Filtering

Tag, categorize, and brand products. Make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.


Master Card, Visa, American Express, PayPal, bank integrations etc. So many different ways for your customers to make a purchase.


SEO Search Engine Optimized

We do the hard work up-front so you don’t have to waste tons of resources on advertising later.

Coupons, Discounts, Gift Crads

The most advanced “offers” system in the world. Over 300,000 ways to attract and satisfy your customers through discounts, coupons, and gift cards.

Integrated Plugins

Shoppsy offers a wide range of plugins you can choose to activate. On top of that, Shoppsy also has the capacity for other third-party integrations through APIs.

One Click Selling

Securely store client information to ease their next checkout.

Any questions about Shoppsy and how it can help your business?

Our support team is here to help you with any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or live chat.